19th October 2018

AS 90854 Reading Record Sheet – Draft Ideas 2018 ‘Highly Recommended’

Student Name: Fletcher Cavanagh

Text Title: The Great Gatsby

Director / author : F. Scott Fitzgerald

Text Type : Novel

The plot of the book, The Great Great Gatsby is about in how the narrator of the book Nick Carraway moves to West Egg in Long island, New York. During his first summer in New York Nick catches up with his second cousin Daisy Buchanan who lives across the bay in East Egg and meets his new neighbour Jay Gatsby. Gatsby then uses Nick to try break Daisy and her husband Tom up and get back together with his dream girl Daisy, forgetting the past as he hasn’t seen for 5 years. A main theme in this novel is the theme of trying to turn back time turn back time. Gatsby and Daisy had a relationship 5 years before Nick arrived in New York. During that 5 years that they had apart Daisy got married. Gatsby refuses to accept that and now continues to still go for daisy despite the marriage. He pretends that the time that they spent away from each other didn’t happened and just tried to erase it all together. This catches up with Gatsby towards the end of the book. An example of how him trying to go back into time came back to haunt him in the book is when he confesses his love for daisy in front of her husband tom and she storms out of the room. Gatsby follows her and jumps in the car with her. As they drive away they fight and as they are distracted they hit a lady named Myrtle, killing her on the spot. Myrtle’s husband Wilson sees Gatsby’s cars and finds him and kills him. This shows that trying to take back time to where Daisy wasnt with Tom and they could be together killed him. This is a important lesson for the whole world as everyone should not try to fix everything that ever went wrong in your life, you should use those mistakes to become a much better person who has learnt a lesson and wont make the mistake again. This text connects to my personal experience because  just like gatsby making a mistake (Letting Daisy go 5 years before Nick moving to New York) I have personally made mistakes in my life and have seen others around me make mistakes. It shows me that I have dealt with my mistakes well and to continue to keep to deal with my mistakes the way I do by using the failure to teach you a lesson, Admit and take responsibility for the mistake and then not do it again. I would recommend this book because it teaches a very vital lesson to all that read it. It teaches that what you’ve done in the past happened and nothing can change it and trying to go back in time will come back to haunt you. This occured for Gatsby as he tried to turn back time and paid the ultimate sacrifice.

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