3rd August 2018

Creative writing

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I intend to create a piece of creative writing for a english creative writing internal. during this piece of writing i will be using descriptive language and a bunch of useful language features to give context and description to the writing.

Fully submerged in the tepid pool I exhale and lay motionless, eyes closed, no worries just eternal peace. School work, expectations, commitment and worries die. It’s just the tropical calming water and I. I slowly but elegantly ascend from my dormant state into the boisterous resort.

The top of my head is met by the sizzling sun’s scorching rays, my ears with the constant laughter and chattering echoing around the proud buildings. Looking to my left I see honeymooners, families and vacationers striding through the last of the air conditions domain as they are instantly round housed by the sweltering Thailand humid heat. I watch their naked feet make contact with the blazing pavement and view the exact moment they are immediately become overtaken by a severe and dreadful burning sensation. looking around I see constant shock and desperation as the vacationers become veteran tap dancers hopping around the resort looking for the safe shade hidden in a landmine of lava like concrete. Their wandering eyes lock on with the cure, A shield from the suns bite, the pool.

Without hesitation the tap dancers swiftly dart towards the pool knees high becoming a olympic high jumper in golden pursuit. approaching the blissful pool they hail mary their towels onto a nearby poolside bed and dive into the sacred sapphire pool.

Looking to the right I see trains of talkative primary schoolers racing  through the winding  singular pathway in paddock of grass the to be the champion with the trophy of being the first down the slide as there prize. wooooooooo, Yippee, yaaaaaay and other childish shrieks flood the air as the tired children redeem there prize and joyfully slide down the long slippery tunnel. Regretful eyes emergence as the once gallant sprinters realise they should have slowed down before entering the slide as they a faced with a small lip at the finish line that grows in size every second.  large splashed and squirts of water emerge from the once peaceful water as the terrified kids plunge from there nobel spots as winners of the race to joke of the group as they back-flop, belly flop and face-plant into the concrete airbag pool.

Looking up I see blue, blue, more blue and blue again. The blissful blue paints the magical sky as far as the eye can see. Then there’s the beach. the holy grail, the creme de la creme. vast layers of golden grains guards the relaxing calm sea from palm tree infested land. not a rock in sight, just the foot cushioning friendly sand. The sun-ray infused horizon glares into the eyes of the walkers on the beach as they look out to see proud silver yachts play tag as their rich laughter rebounds of the pearly water ending the blissful day in paradise the way it was started, Laughter fun and happiness.

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  1. Read carefully through your work – sometimes you can have too much description, Fletch!


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