Text 1 :  Lego house, by Ed Sheeran.

The lego man in the song is trying to make something out of nothing. trying to mend a broken relationship like lego. cant stay together for long and is meant to be separated ” I’m gonna pick up the pieces, And build a Lego house, When things go wrong we can knock it down


Text 2 : Gatsby

Gatsby is trying to fix a broken and unfixable relationship with his former girlfriend Daisy. This links to the Ed Sherrans lego house as in the song he sings about trying to mend a broken relationship.


Text 3 : Arrow, (Oliver Queen)

Oliver queen is forced to become someone else to protect his city. this means that the illusion of the arrow is created. just like oliver queen making up the arrow illusion Jay Gatz makes up the Gatsby illusion.

Text 4 :





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