If you could turn back the past and rewrite your wrongs knowing their would be serious consequences, would you ?. The well known book ‘The Great Gatsby’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald takes you through the summer of illusion covered madness that is the summer of 7 key characters living In New York. Fitzgerald uses the concept of  invisible illusions to reveal The Character Gatsby, Nick and Daisy to daisy in the book ‘The Great Gatsby’.


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Throughout the novel, Gatsby’s illusion is revealed as you cannot reinvent yourself as the past will always catch up. —– Gatsby lost Daisy five years ago as he was too poor and didn’t have a good enough life style to be with her. Gatsby believes that he can resuscitate himself now to win back the girl he lost back 5 years ago. Gatsby’s refuses to look at the present and how to improve in the future as he believes he can just change the past and rewrite his wrongs. —– during a encounter with nick and Gatsby in chapter 6 Nick tells Gatsby “You can’t repeat the past”. Gatsby doesn’t agree with nick and responds saying “why of course you can. this hope that he can rewrite his wrongs and rewrite the is the foundation of his life and how we lived to change himself over the previous 5 years. Gatsby refuses to —


Fitzgerald uses illusion to unravel Gastby’s interesting persona to show us that you can’t change the past. he cant turn back time.The reason why I feel that Fitzgerald uses illusion to display Gastby’s fall in the book and bring us to the wider picture of not just Gatsby. He’s trying to tell us that we have to be honest people and use out past failures in thrive in the future. I also feel that Fitzgerald wants to point out that You cannot live a healthy life living to accomplish one single dream. he’s trying to educate youth into thinking about the wider picture and not just focus on one single goal but to





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  1. Be careful not to repeat yourself too often.

    Look at your evidence (examples) in the same way we do in class. Using your close reading skills, explain to your readers how to decode what Fitzgerald is saying with that passage of the text.

    When crafting your statement, bear in mind your question- use the key words “character” and “how they are revealed”. Remember, an author reveals a character through their language devices. By establishing Gatsby’s obsession with the past, Fitzgerald reveals to us that Gatsby cannot live in the illusion he has created. You need to be able to capture this in an opening statement, or potentially 2 statements. Go back and take a look at yours and see how you can re-work it.


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