19th October 2018

Reading Log

AS 90854 Reading Record Sheet – Draft Ideas 2018 ‘Highly Recommended’

Student Name: Fletcher Cavanagh

Text Title: Cranes

Director / author : Hwang Sun-won

Text Type : Short story

Date Finished :The novel the cranes by Hwang Sun-won is a story about two great boyhood mates named Tokchae and Songsamthat are on opposite sides of a violent conflict. The book is set during the Korean War in a small village along the thirty-eighth parallel.  The plot of the film is Tokchae has been captured and Songsam a police officer in a small village lets him go.The main theme addressed in the story is the power of friendship. Eventually when  the two childhood friends find themselves at field whereas kids they once tied up a crane. The friends being kids at the time thought that they would be caught and in trouble, so they untied the crane, but it was weak and appeared hurt. But the crane was fine and quickly took flight and flew away into the sky. Songsam remembers this so unties Tokchae’s hands and then asks Tokchae to help him flush out a crane.  This shows the that the power of friendship is unmatched and that it doesn’t matter what side of a argument people are on, friendship can crack it all.This connects with the rest of the world socially as it shows that throughout majority of the modern day there are conflicts where you are faced with the decision of choosing between order and friendship. This Text teaches me a lot about society. The first reason is teaches me a lot about the society we live in. it teaches me that that the power of friendship outweighs the negatives that the world will throw at you. at end the end of the day we are all people, it doesn’t matter what colour our skin is, what side of a war we are on or where were are brought up. It teaches me that all people have friendship that can outpower the negatives that the world throws at you.This connects to my personal experience as at times in my life I have been presented with a difficult decision of following orders or following friendship.I can use what happened between Songsam and Tokchae as a lesson. I will now absorb this knowledge and use it in my future to better me as a person I would recommend this text because of the great values it shows and the lessons it teaches, It shows us that even in a very extreme case being on the opposite side of the korean war, It teaches us that we don’t have to listen to order and we can listen to the back of our mind where our morals of friendships live.

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