19th October 2018

Reading log

AS 90854 Reading Record Sheet – Draft Ideas 2018 ‘Highly Recommended’

Student Name: Fletcher Cavanagh

Text Title: The Book Thief

Director / author : Markus Zusak

Text Type : Novel

Brief outline of plot (2-3 sentences):

The Book Thief is a novel about a girl named Liesel who is forced to live with her adoptive parents Hans and Rosa in the middle of WW2 in Germany. The house that liesel has been staying at has been hiding a jew called Max in their basement. Max all of a sudden becomes sick so Liesel decides to read to him a book every day to keep him from getting bored and bothered (which is illegal) . Leisel runs out of books and then starts to steal books to read to Max. The main theme that is used in the book The Book thief is Friendship. The theme of friendship is very common in The Book Thief. The first case of friendship in the book is Liesel’s friendship with Max. Liesel’s friendship with max is a great friendship as they both risk a lot to be a part of the friendship. For Max the risk is that he is a jew and that could put leisel in trouble for not reporting it and for Leisel the risk is stealing the Illegal books to read to max. At any time each other could be caught and inprisoned. I would recommend this book because it shows the value of friendship and how in extreme conditions you can trust on our friends to have your back and keep you safe.

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