19th October 2018

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AS 90854 Reading Record Sheet – Draft Ideas 2018 ‘Highly Recommended’

Student Name: Fletcher Cavanagh

Text Title: Coach Carter

Director / author : Thomas Carter

Text Type : Film

Date Finished:  3rd june 2018

Brief outline of plot (2-3 sentences):  

Ken Carter (Coach Carter) returns to his old high school Richmond high in Richmond, California, to coach the basketball team into a elite squad . Coach Carter enforced very tough rules and put in place academic disciplines as well, he coaches the team well and the teams get a winning streak. When all of a sudden all members in the teams grades falls down and Coach Carter locks the gym up threatening their championship season. The main themes used in this film is having faith and not buying into social stereotypes. It shows that no matter what society thinks and says about people, you shouldn’t have to listen and follow them. An example of this is when Coach Carter first joined the team and realise he had a bunch of undereducated, misbehaving, black teens that have been brought up in a rough gang populated part of california, According to modern day stereotypes this would mean that these students are dangerous and useless people who aren’t worth the time of day. Coach Carter doesn’t listen to the negative stereotypes that are provided but instead looks at the positives. He uses having the rough upbringing as an advantage as he uses the courage, determination and that has come with fighting for there life and applied it towards basketball progression. This connects to the rest of the world as throughout the world from gang members in america to Hazaras in Afghanistan, people are constantly stereotyped and undervalued. Carter has taught us that stereotypes are made to be broken and we need to look through them and treat everyone equal as everyone with the right guidance has the power to be great. This is proven as the team’s record changed from a losing season to a unbeaten season until the state championships.  This connects with my person experiences as everyday, everywhere you look you will see stereotypes. This has taught me to ignore those standards and not to jump to conclusions but to find my own opinion from getting to know people for who they really are not what society says they are. This will help me in the long run as it will teach me to keep ignoring stereotypes and grow into a person who meets people before they judge them. I would recommend this film to everyone because of the great message it brings. If everyone were to watch this film and absorb the life lessons that Coach Carter taught in the film the world would be alot better place.

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