19th October 2018

Reading Logs

AS 90854 Reading Record Sheet – Draft Ideas 2018 ‘Highly Recommended’

Student Name: Fletcher Cavanagh

Text Title: Holes

Director / author : Louis Sachar

Text Type : NovelThe Book Holes by Louis Sacher tells the story of Stanley Yelnats who is a boy whos family has extremely bad luck because of a curse placed on his great- great-grandfather a long long time ago. Stanley picks up some of this bad luck and is sent towards Camp Green Lake which is a juvenile detention camp for a crime he did not commit. Stanley and the other boys at the camp are forced to dig large holes in the dirt every day. One day when Stanley is digging his daily hole he finds a bullet belonging to a former serial killer Kissing Kate Barlow. This bullet is an indicator that the treasure hidden by Kate is nearby. Stanley then gives the bullet away to a friend.a few days later Stanley’s best friend Zero gets caught stealing and runs away from the camp away into the dry desert.  A few days pass and Zero is presumed to be dead but Stanley believes in Zero so decides to try find Zero and runs away from the camp. he then finds zero, breaks his family curse and finds Kissing Kate Barlow’s treasure. The main theme used in the text is friendship. It shows that trusting and believing in your friends has great rewards. This theme of friendship that can be found in the book should be spread around the world because as shown in the novel when beiling in your believing in your friends you will be find the rewards. The example of this in the book is Stanley and Zero finding the treasure. This teaches me a bit about society as it shows that friendship can transform the worst scenarios to the best. An example of this in the novel is how one minute Zero and Stanley were stuck in the middle of a dessert with no water and then with belief in each other they not only survived but thrived and found the treasure. This has a personal effect on me as it teaches me a lesson. It teaches me the lesson to have more faith and belief in my friends when the road is bumpy because with the help of others it won’t only become normal again but it could improve. I would recommend this novel because not only is it a very exciting and fun read but it also has hidden life lessons like previously stated above that if absorbs could improve your life.

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